Ferus Grandpapi

A "kitty Kitty", rescued and unwanted feline.

A “kitty Kitty”, rescued and unwanted feline.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Menagerie.”

Animals, “some animals are more equal than others” to quote Orwell.  Yes, I do have animal friends, do I own them or do they oversee my daily shananigans as a two-legged? I think, the cat oversees me, and views the dog, an orange, cream sicle colored four-legged as necessary minions in his world. And the dog, she enjoys my company and is witness to my daily routine but the “kitty kitty” as he is referred to by my wife has the command of our world, or so, it seems.

Our relationships, both the cat and dog seems to be on a time, space and place arena.  While, we exist in a world far from a major city, and near a small town, it is a relationship with some boundaries, and we have our responsibilites, unspoken ones, but nonetheless, we are beholden to each other.  The cat will walk the perimeter of our property and never ventures too far and watches for intruders, other animals, that may cause harm to any outdoor projects and is invested in the hierarchy of the pack. While the dog keeps and eye on the two-leggeds and attempts to cutail the cats stalking of other four leggeds by woofing and  attempting to herd Ferus Grandpapi, it does not work well for her, as the cat does his responsiblity with great stealth and rarely speaks.  He does sing a little when the full moon rises or there is a change in season.

But,as I am a two-legged, they are not owned, but oversee my responsibilities, as we have an unstated contract that we are a pack and must be accountable to each other and those that are members.


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